SportLife Distribution is the leading nationwide distributor of sports nutrition and health products.
We offer a full range of premium brands with quality, high margin products that brick-and-mortar retailers can stay competitive and profitable with.

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4000+ SKUs
80+ Brands
4 Distribution
1-2 DAY SHIPPING In Most Markets

Distribution Done Better

The inception of SportLife Distribution came out of a necessity to better serve and support the retail brick-and-mortar space within the United States.

With over 3000 SKUs and growing, SportLife Distribution currently services retail stores in all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska. Our increase in distribution centers gives us the ability to now offer next or 2nd day shipping to majority of accounts throughout the country.

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To ensure safety and the integrity of our brands, we service brick-and-mortar retail stores only. We do not service third-party-facilitated online retail or online auction website resellers. Selling our products on any third-party website platforms is strictly prohibited.

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All Natural, incredible quality, hand-picked Vitamins! In this world, concern for others and ethical commitment are paramount. We create healthier, happier, more energetic lifestyles through the expert development and distribution of premium, cost-effective nutritional supplements. Viva Vitamins is proud to present a continuously growing range of vitamins and nutritional supplements that are backed by real, innovative science.



Bring Core Nutritionals® into your relentless commitment to the CRUSH IT!® lifestyle with a brand of supplements designed, perfectly engineered, and built for (and by) true champions!! Core Nutritionals® always lets the consumer know exactly what is in its products, guarantees quality with rigorous testing, and even backs up product claims with blood work results. Also, all Core Nutritionals® products are manufactured in the U.S. and in cGMP facilities.



RAW Nutrition was created to provide athletes with the best fuel for peak training and performance. Our mission is to make smart nutrition easy and convenient with expertly crafted supplements made with the purest ingredients available in the industry.



Through countless hours of research looking for cutting edge technology and the best ingredients on the market, quite a few formulation fails, taste tests, focus groups, lab and field tests we finally created Panda Supps. An amazing line-up of high quality supplements with properly calculated doses of premium, game changing ingredients to help bring out your inner Panda and take your workouts to the next level.



Better-For-You Baked Goods.

Unwrap the Revolution…with Eat Me Guilt Free. Our recipes are handcrafted by a registered nurse in the sunny city of Miami, FL. We are committed to creating protein-packed, portable, better-for-you foods, providing solutions for people who strive to live a healthy and active lifestyle without sacrificing their favorite foods.




Better Absorption. More Strength. More Power. New CX8 Edition MUTANT CREAKONG takes the original powerful 4g creatine matrix and super stacks it with an additional big dose, of 4 muscle-building and performance aminos!

There’s more – we’ve added 3 creatine synthesizing aminos to drive uptake. This triple threat elevates your Power + Muscle Protein Synthesis beyond the limits of what any basic creatine could ever do.



Glo with the flow
Handcrafted, guilt-free. No junk. No fillers. Just REAL ingredients. Delicious Collagen Cookies, Collagen Brownies, and Nut Butters with real health benefits. Life is short, eat dessert first!

Protein | Low Sugar | Keto Friendly | Gluten Free



🧠 Backed by science 🧪
🇺🇸 Made in the USA 🇺🇸



Originating in the Bay Area, Myoblox® has grown into a worldwide leader in branding and formulation of supplements. You can expect to see us constantly updating our formulas, releasing limited editions, and pushing the boundaries of creativity and design in the supplement industry.



We know that before you hit the gym, you lack energy and focus, so you need products that will help get your head in the game, get you fired up, and get pumped. We’ve got you covered! Let Noo-hype Supplements guide you on your journey to energy, focus, and health optimization. think BIG.



The balanced nutritional profile of our on-the-go snacks comes from high quality plant-based proteins like peas, beans, and brown rice. All proven to provide the fuel you need for your active lifestyle. 



Here at Black Magic Supply we offer an intense commitment to quality supplements to aid in your fitness journey. We take pride in offering you the best products with the most potent highest quality formulas on the market today.



The wildest, most unique and highest quality products in the market. Supplements for the community, by the community.



BLACKMARKET custom-crafts an array of premium pre-workout products, each formulated to meet our customers’ unique fitness goals and training approaches.



Blackstone Labs boasts a dramatically heightened level of stylization over any other brand on the market. The products are well known for their remarkable presence on any shelf, immediately catching your eye, as well as leaning back on the striking level of brand recognition.



The Guerrilla Chemist brings you his new brand Chemix Lifestyle. A brand providing science based results with the hottest bodybuilding supplements on the market today. Chemix Lifestyle brings you science based tonics, elixirs, and enhancements.

You obviously wouldn’t have unflavored cereal, so why settle for unflavored collagen? Pick the obvious choice: Obvi. By making supplements feel younger, we made people feel that way! It’s gratifying – 25,000,000 times in less than 2 years, people like you have used our product to feel something we all want… to feel YOUTH!


Modern Hardcore Nutrition is here to deliver nothing but the highest quality modern product formulations that have been shown to increase hardcore performance. Our products were designed to give you the most hardcore results humanly possible. Pushing the envelope to fuel your progress!



Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has grown to be one of the biggest supplement companies in the industry. This company started with ephedra based fat burners a few years ago and has changed into a powerhouse of supplements ranging from fat burners, to andros, to prohormones, to pre-workouts and more. If you are looking to take your workouts and your physique to the next level, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals will help you reach any goal you have set for yourself.



We may be new to the game, but we are here to stay and set a new standard in the supplement industry. At Darkside Supps™ our team has spent years studying sports nutrition and performance. We firmly believe we have created a new Golden Standard of formulated supplements developed with premium ingredients and proven formulas that are backed by science, research and clinical studies.



MET-Rx is the training fuel that helps you get to the next level. MET-Rx® has dedicated over 30 years of research to developing the best workout fuel. We have always and will always focus on the power of protein and other important nutrients for workout enhancement.



Advanced Performance Supplements (APS) is committed to constant advancement of scientifically based sports nutrition supplements. We are dedicated to scientifically and medically backed research as a backbone to supporting nutritional advancement designed to enhance athletic performance, metabolic function and promote optimum health.



We’re raising the bar for performance essentials with our own line of high quality supplements. SportLife Essentials are sustainably sourced, made in the USA, and 3rd party tested.

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Aside from numbers and selling products: You have helped me greatly from small talk, to a laugh, to advice. The best part is you and I have impacted over 5,000 new customers over the last couple months. We help these customers find the products they need to keep them active and give them hope to lose weight, build muscle or whatever their fitness goals are. So that is pretty cool we can impact people’s dreams even if the supplement worked to full potential or not, the power of placebo sparks a person to do greater things with a little “supplement.” And that is pretty fulfilling and thus why I love what I get to do everyday! Just an appreciation to a great friend that helps make it happen. So let’s reach more people to great a bigger impact.



I have done business with Sportlife for many years now & they have continually produced results. I appreciate their continued support and will continue to do business with them in the future.

Ryan Kleeman

The Lab Supplements

SportLife came at such a critical time for us and we’re so grateful that you were, and still are, willing to do anything and everything to help our business emerge from our pandemic decline. Although we don’t run a lot of SKUs through you today, you are actually the only vendor that we consistently have no issues with when it comes to shipping and packing accuracy. You’ve been a great partner and pleasure to work with – thank you so much for your continued support.

Alan Sumada

Retail Program Manager at Gold's Gym

SportLife Distribution has completely changed the way I look at ordering products for my store, and has actually made it an enjoyable process! Their customer service is top notch bar none, the shipping is the quickest I’ve ever had, And they have such competitive pricing. Especially with products being in short supply in the current market, they’ve been there for me to help keep my business running smoothly! couldn’t be happier with my sales rep, Chad Youngerman and his team at SportLife Distribution! Thank you guys!!!

Steven Lang

Owner of Performance Nutrition in Ontario, California

SportLife has been a key reason why my business has been growing at the rate it is. You guys are awesome at getting the products I need and also recommending new ones that I never knew existed. Shipping time is on point and never takes too long. Lastly Mr Chad has been an outstanding rep for me, always there when I need to get something, knows his products super well and so far all his recommendations on new products have been doing super well for me. All in all I’m super happy with the service and will continue to support you guys! Thank you.

Jaydeep Patel

Opulent Nutrition

Since working with SportLife, and more notable my rep Jordan, Nutrastop has been able to grow sales by 2.5-3x. This has been attributed to a growing collection of brands, but also having brands we already carried and being able to get many products next day to fulfill orders. This kind of turn around has allowed to fulfill orders timely on many skus that may not have been stocked or we ran out and could fulfill still within 24hrs by Sportlife Distribution’s same day shipping and next day deliver by have many region fulfillment spots across the country. No more having to wait 7-10 days by ordering direct. Also, working with a rep that has been in the industry 20+ years (?) has been a blessing as Jordan consistently keeps your products in stock, notifies on items getting low, and strategically pieces your orders together to get at a typical turnaround time of phone order to the door of our business on average under 20.5 hours by the time UPS deliveries at noon. I don’t think the A-Z website can fulfill at this rate. On top of having this streamline process Jordan has been more than knowledgeable to give suggestions based on order history of what our customer base would like and also gives A+ insight of new trending products. Without the Sportlife team we would be stuck taking time to place orders with several companies separately, have to spend more with each, and wait extended periods of time to get.



I opened my supplement shop, Xtreme Supplements, in late 2019. I met Aram, who is my rep from SportLife Distribution, in early 2020. There aren’t enough stars for me to click to express the satisfaction and professionalism I have experienced with Aram and SportLife Distribution. Every product I have purchased to place into my shop has been helpful to all my guests and Aram helped make that happen. I was never forced or cornered to buy a product, but instead, was asked questions about what type of clientele walk into my shop so that Aram can help me cater to them all. Thank You both Aram and SportLife Distribution for making my experience the best by far! Keep up the good work guys!

Tom Cannon

Xtreme Supplements

Hands Down The Best!!! So personal, so detailed oriented, and always have the best intentions to help succeed! Kevin Dieterich is hands down THE BEST! I have been in the supplement business for almost 10 years and I have never met someone with such a high level of professionalism. Very personal, in depth, and does everything he can for you to feel like you have someone in your corner fighting for your success! That man is the best and is going to very high places! And I’m all for it! LET GOOOO!!!!!

Edward Ovalle

Chi City Inc

I’ve been a customer of sport life for over 5 years. As a gym owner they really are a complete package of product, price and service. My rep (Aram) is phenomenal and always delivers. I’ve brought so many new products to my gyms that sport life had first and my customers love that we are always stocked with the latest. Too many supplement distributors do not evolve and it’s frustrating. I like to build relationships and I have done that with sport life. These guys are a pleasure to do business with.

Dave Saunders

SportLife has been my #1 go to for my store for about 6 years now. Aram has been my sales rep. and by far one of the best sale reps I have ever delt with from any distributor. I strongly recommend anyone looking for a distributor who actually cares about their customers, to give Sport Life Distribution a try. You will be thanking yourself later.
Thank you SportLife and Aram for your A+ service throughout the years!

Chris De Silva

Flex It Nutrition

I have been working with Sport Life for several years now & they are great! Always white glove service, quick to respond! Aram is a great guy to work with!

Nick Reeves

A1 American Fitness Wholesalers

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