ZenEvo Protein Cups

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SKU: ZenEvo-Protein-Cups
What’s Driving Your Immunity?  Our delicious ZenEvo Driving Immunity Chocolate Squares contain the three most basic, most effective vitamins and minerals to promote immune health and help the body fight against illness: Zinc Gluconate — 10mg Vitamin C – 250 mg Vitamin D3 – 1000iu These 3 powerhouse ingredients, plus the antioxidants of dark chocolate in a 10g square, allow for better absorption than a capsule, powder, or tablet. These vitamins and minerals enter the bloodstream more effectively to help Boost your Immunity while satisfying that craving for a sweet treat! Each sleeve has 3 individual cups for the ultimate snack or meal replacement, plus 500iu Vitamin D3 for bone and immunity support. 12 individually-wrapped packs per box No Added Sugars No artificial sweeteners All-natural Kosher